Wildlife Photographic & Film-making Safaris with Big Cat Diary Cameraman

7-night wildlife photography or wildlife film-making safaris in Kenya’s Masai Mara

Join veteran BBC wildlife cinematographer Warren Samuels for a unique and unforgettable wildlife experience in Kenya’s Masai Mara. Aspiring wildlife photographers now have the chance to make their own wildlife video or hone their photographic skills under the expert guidance and tuition of one of Africa’s top field experts.

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photography & filming safari
photography & filming safari
photography & filming safari
photography & filming safari photography & filming safari photography & filming safari

Last year Warren was the main wildlife cinematographer on the recently acclaimed Big Cat Live and The Secret Life of Elephants television series shown on BBC 1. Warren will be guiding trips to the Masai Mara home of the BBC Big Cat Diary stars, where you will stay in luxury safari tents at Entim Mara Camp.

Using 4WD vehicles equipped with camera mounts, two-way radios and driven by experienced local guides, clients will have the best opportunities to get up close and personal to both film and photograph wildlife.

Warren will spend time running through the basics of operating the different cameras, after which the clients will be given many opportunities to practice themselves. A portable monitor is set up in Warren’s car, which is linked to all the cameras on board allowing Warren to see what everyone is filming or photographing and enables him to direct and assist accordingly. Warren’s skill in interpreting animal behaviour is second to none, and enables him to get clients into the best possible positions for photographing and capturing unique scenes and events.

Upon request, an experienced bush editor can be called in to show clients the intricacies of editing with all digital formats, and producing one’s own wildlife documentary or a group “safari diary” compilation DVD.

This is a new safari experience, which offers clients an unprecedented opportunity to live the life of a wildlife filmmaker and photographer, and to receive a guided tour through the intricacies of the latest video editing technology. It also offers an amazing wildlife safari experience and a very special souvenir to take home - not just the clients own film but a compilation video of everyone’s best footage!


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