Discover the Chimpanzees in western Tanzania

Chimpanzees are a fascinating species to observe, from their intricate social bonds to their human like behaviour. Embark on this unique and magical adventure to West Tanzania at the picturesque and relaxing Lakeshore Lodge. Where you will climb aboard a traditional dhow exploring the beaches along Lake Tanganyika, camping under the stars before enjoying some unforgettable time trekking to see the chimps. This trip combines exploring the stunning Lake Tanganyika with memorable experiences with the chimps at a very reasonable cost. With only a few very luxurious lodges in the area this trip encompasses the adventure you dreamed of without the price tag you’d have nightmares about.

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Day 1

Fly on Auric Air from Dar es Salaam to Sumbawanga in western Tanzania. It is here the adventure begins with an exciting road transfer through the Lwafe Game and Forest Reserve where your driver will help you spot some of the animals and down the stunning escarpment to Lake Tanganyika, to Lakeshore lodge where you will spend the night.

Day 2

Today after an early start you will set off in the Dhow towards Mahale. En-route you will stop to have a packed breakfast and picnic lunch as well as the opportunity to snorkel. In the evening a fly camp will be set up on one of the pristine bays along the Lake and you will have dinner around the fire at the water's edge. The guest tents are 2-man individual tents that are easy to set up and take down with comfortable beds. You can sit upright in the tents but you cannot stand in the tents.

Day 3

Today you will continue up Lake Tanganyika to Mahale where you will register with the national park and then a fly camp will be set up on the beach in Mahale. At Mahale the vegetation is thick and rich with permanent water supplies and supports a number of species normally associated with West Africa, including the Colobus monkey and brush-tailed porcupine. More recently lion, leopard and buffalo have been seen on the outskirts of the park.

Day 4

Today you will embark on your first chimp trek, an exciting opportunity to see these incredible creatures up close, watching as they hunt for food, socially interact or relax in the trees above you. You will return to camp after seeing the chimps where you can relax. You will spend a second night camped in Mahale on the beach.

Day 5

Today you will have a second opportunity to see the chimps with another morning chimp trek. You will return to the boat and start to head back to Lake Shore. This evening you will camp near Sibwesa, just outside Mahale.

Day 6

Today you will continue southwards down Lake Tanganyika, you will stop off to enjoy snorkelling to see the colourful endemic cichlid fish and enjoy the beautiful shoreline and the clear waters. You will spend the night in a fly camp further south on one of the beautiful beaches with a campfire dinner under the stars.

Day 7

Today you will set off for Lake Shore and arriving in the early afternoon, where you can relax in one of the hammocks looking over the lake or partake on one of the many activities the lodge offers before enjoying sundowners as the sun sets. You will spend the night at the lodge in one of the bandas.

Day 8

After an early breakfast you will be transported back to Sumbawanga and take the return flight back to Dar es Salaam.

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