Wild Fitness Holidays, Kenya

Get out of the gym and take yourself to the stunning white sands of Watamu beach in Kenya for an active fitness holiday which will make you feel better in both body and soul. Wildfitness will push you to your physical limits however fit you are and teach you how to look after your body and mind, not just while in Kenya but when you get home too. Combining wild environments with original, boutique accommodation and delicious fresh organic food, not only will you be inspired to train but these holidays will help you to chill out and adjust to wild living patterns.

So whether your goal is to get leaner, to run a marathon or you want to be able to climb trees when you're a grandad, Wildfitness will help you get a wild body and change your outlook on life.

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The programme

The programme is active, functional and fun. Using the beach, sea, lakes, sand dunes and hills as your training ground, it includes swimming, running, weights, circuits, games and other imaginative outdoor activities. Deep-sea fishing, sailing, scuba diving, windsurfing, and kite surfing are some of the alternative activities that can be enjoyed amidst beautiful tropical scenery.

All the holiday courses are run by an elite team of charismatic Wildfitness-trained coaches, who have a deep understanding of the body and a love of nature. Past guests have changed shape, cut running times in half, enjoyed exercising for the first time ever and overcome long-term injuries or digestive problems.

Physical, emotional and mental well being and recovery are also complemented by the very best in healthy nutrition. Healthy, balanced meals are part of the programme, and, depending on the length of course, there are practical demonstrations of some tasty recipe ideas and nutrition workshops to introduce you to nutrition conceptions and for you to ask questions.

The Accommodation

You will stay in the elegant beachfront Baraka House, on the north coast of Kenya near Watamu. Watamu is a sleepy fishing village on one of the top ten beaches in the world. Flanked by Mida creek (a turtle breeding area), Watamu is a designated UN area of outstanding natural beauty. Opposite the house, there are coral reefs teeming with life while behind it is the intriguing Sokoke forest reserve.

With its rooftop terraces and balconies overlooking the Indian Ocean, Baraka House is the perfect place to chill-ax. There are five large en-suite twin bedrooms which, depending on the group, can be divided into individual sectors.

Below is a sample itinerary. This is the general outline of the 9-day kick start course but, please note, it is subject to change:

Sample Itinerary

9 Day Kick Start course - Baraka House, Watamu, Kenya

Day 1

  • A stretch on the beach and a swim in Watamu's crystal waters to ease your muscles after your journey.
  • Personalised assessment by one of our experts looking at your posture and your movement patterns. Discussion of your goals for the course.
  • Relaxation massage.
  • An introductory talk covering the core concepts of Wildfitness and explaining how you will be training for maximum physical and health benefits.
  • Sundowners on the panoramic roof at sunset, overlooking the Indian Ocean.

Day 2

  • Early morning boxing session in our open-air Dojo, learning technique and getting sweaty!
  • Wild Movement workshop, followed by 'Wild' running skills on the white sands of Watamu.
  • Posture and movement workshop, to improve flexibility and help loosen key joints.
  • Late afternoon primal skills circuits - pushing, lunging, twisting, throwing.

Day 3

  • Run or walk through the countryside, past local villages (and many waving children!) ending at the Mida creek.
  • Wild Eating workshop, learning what our bodies have evolved to eat: you will find these foods as part of our Wild Menu.
  • Snorkeling to the marine park opposite Baraka House teaming with fish life and coral.
  • Circuits on the beach, working in pairs to help challenge each other.

Day 4

  • A second early morning boxing session, developing skills further and revving up your system.
  • Introduction to kettle bell training and pole work.
  • Wild Metabolism workshop, learning the best ways to maintain energy and get lean.
  • Afternoon off to go shopping in Malindi.
  • Dinner at a nearby open-air restaurant, under the stars. Then a chance to go out on the town if desired!

Day 5

  • A lie-in today! Then the morning off to spend at leisure relaxing on the beach, swimming across the bay, or for the more energetic a wind-surfing lesson (extra).
  • A short sea swim to assess skills and extra swimming tips for those who need it.
  • Walk through palm forest and mangroves to do a running speed skills session.
  • Return in the early evening for a talk from the local expert working for Watamu Turtle Conservation.

Day 6

  • Sunrise flexibility session on the roof.
  • A long morning swim across Mida Creek, arriving on the far side of the creek in time for a delicious and well earned picnic lunch on a sand island. Motor boat back to Baraka House.
  • 'Hunter-gatherer' obstacle course on the beach as the sun sets.
  • Dinner is a delicious barbecue of local food on the beach with traditional African dancers.

Day 7

  • An interval training session in a coconut clearing inland.
  • Further kettle bell skills training in small groups on the beach.
  • Short cooking lesson from our Head Chef William before lunch.
  • Afternoon posture and movement workshops, continuing previous learning on flexibility and opening up key joints.
  • Circuits in the jungle!

Day 8

  • Third boxing session, more technique plus an intense workout.
  • Re-assessments and individual time with the trainer to discuss your personal development.
  • Final kettle bell session a chance to get tough!
  • Float with the tide through mangroves in a tidal inlet.
  • Drinks on the roof top terrace whilst the sun sets over the forest a chance to reflect on all your achievements.

Day 9

  • Early morning Aquathlon using the bays: running and swimming.
  • Deep tissue massage with essential oils.
  • Final talk with discussion.
  • Departure

Optional extra activities include: Scuba-diving, Windsurfing and Deep-sea fishing.

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