Sleep on Star Beds, Kenya

There is nothing like sleeping out under the African stars and with the added luxury of sleeping in a huge, comfortable double bed, the Star Beds at Loisaba are an absolute must on a Kenyan safari. These unique beds are set on platforms built on stilts and glean their name from the fact that at night they are wheeled out from under their thatch so you are sleeping in the open. As well as breathtaking views of the beautiful Laikipia wilderness from your pillow, you will doze off to the sounds of baboons barking in the cliffs and leopard calling in the hills around you.

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star beds at Loisaba
star beds at Loisaba
star beds at Loisaba

The Star Beds, the inspired creation of Loisaba Lodge, are set up in two locations, each with two double bed platforms and a four-bed platform for families. The original star beds are built on a kopje, overlooking the Kiboko waterhole and opposite dramatic, towering cliffs. The more recently-built star beds at Koija are set on the banks of the Ewaso N'giro River, and are part of an exciting community project with the Lakikipak Masai people. The platforms are fitted with an en-suite bathroom with hot bucket showers, and there is a thatched dining room and an open fire where you gather in the evening to share your tales while dinner is prepared in the camp's kitchen.

You are hosted - and guarded by night - by the local Koija community, and the money from your stay goes straight back into the community.

The star beds can be combined with any of the lodges in the area and are reached by camel, on horseback, on foot or as the destination at the end of a game drive.

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