Walking & Camel Safari, Kenya


This is a sample itinerary of the walking tours you can do at Karisia. Each trip can be tailored to suit the number of days you wish to stay or where you would like to walk which will be discussed before your departure. On this incredible adventure you will find yourself discovering the beautiful landscapes of the wild Lower Ewaso Nyiro River arriving at Tumaren on your last day. The Ewaso Nyiro River plunges through a tight gorge below a crossing called Crocodile Jaws. In this area the topography is too steep for vehicles and its complexity has made a wilderness area ideal for walking/camel safaris. It’s the kind of wilderness that attracted David Attenborough to narrate the introduction to his epic series, Africa. He came for the unspoilt beauty of the area, an expanse of Acacia over a twisted and folded landscape of cliffs, mountains and granitic Kopjes.

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Day 1

From Nanyuki you will be met by a Karisia Guide and a driver and driven 2.5 hours to the first camp on a sweeping sand river below a shark fin- shaped hill called Tale. The granite massif rises abruptly out of arid plains and it is a landmark for hundreds of kilometres. After a refreshing lunch and a relaxing afternoon under huge Tortillis trees we will walk up Tale and at the top toast the Mathews Range and the Karisia Hills to our north. You will scan below for gerenuk, elephants, impala and ostrich. Back at camp hot showers and cool drinks will be waiting for you before dinner under the stars.

Day 2

After an early wake up with hot water in basins, steaming tea / coffee and a light fruit snack, you will set off towards the Ewaso Nyiro River in the East. On the way look out for gerenuk, Grant’s gazelle and the iconic Grevy zebra. You’ll climb Nantodo rock and enjoy more sweeping views and the river far below and a proper picnic breakfast. You will walk down to the camp in time for lunch and a cold beer and a splash in the river. After an afternoon of relaxing by the river an evening walk up the sand river will be planned, hunting for the noisy, but shy stone partridges, golden breasted starlings and if you are lucky greater kudu.

Day 3

This morning you will set off as the sun is rising, winding your way up the sand river hoping to see klipspingers, Verreaux eagle owls, desert warthogs, or elephants as they head for a shady rest. You will slowly wind your way up to the campsite on a ridge next to the pinnacle. It is fun walking with the camels and watching them patiently head up the slopes with your camp on their backs. Once it cools off you will walk up to the pinnacle, Ngai Suisui which is sacred to the Samburu and means ‘Winds of God’. Ngaio suisui has a dramatic 360 degree view of the area and is also the nesting site for a pair of Verreaux Eagles.

Day 4

This morning is a dramatic walk down to the river and a serene spot called Namasaa. The landscape is spectacular and you will walk along the river’s edge under enormous Neutonia trees, watching out for hippos in the deep pools before climbing out of the valley up a rocky river course. Here the fig trees cling to rocks and klipspringers perch high on the steep hillsides above. We break out of the valley and on to some rolling country where you will look for elephant and the peculiar pancake tortoises that live in cracks in the rocks here. From camp you will hopefully see the local herds bringing their livestock to drink. You will go on an evening stroll looking for the colourful birds and you can enjoy a sundowner on a tall rock.

Day 5

Today you will walk on upstream looking out for greater kudu, waterbuck, elephant and the incredible birds and scenery along the way and arrive at your camp by lunchtime. You can cool off in the pools and in the evening you will walk slowly along the river looking for an elusive local leopard or watch the baboons as they come to roost on the cliffs in the evening.

Day 6

Today you will walk out of the valley early and drive to Tumaren for a bush brunch and a night of luxury in the huge tents with sweeping views across to the Laikipia Plateau, Mt Kenya and the
Aberdares. The abundant plains game here will complement the more reclusive denizens of the lower Ewaso. In the afternoon we will head out on a drive or a walk and a night game drive could easily turn up some good predators like a leopard or else an interesting nocturnal animal, like a porcupine, an aardvark or a zorilla.

Day 7

Game drive along and over the Laikipia Plateau to Nanyuki in time for any connections for onward travel. For those that would like to extend a second night at Tumaren, this can be easily arranged

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