Samburu Trails, Northern Kenya

4 night Tilia-Naibolo Traverse
Grade: Easy-Moderate

Focusing on the remote and beautiful Leroghi Range - the ancestral homeland of the Samburu and Ndorobo tribes - this excellent walking safari follows ancient game trails through the some of the most unspoiled and spectacular landscapes in Africa. You are accompanied by a team of local Samburu warriors and a convoy of donkeys who carry your luggage, the camp equipment and supplies. You will walk on average about 4-5 hours every day, with frequent stops to admire the amazing scenery or passing wildlife, and pitching camp in a different place each night.

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preparing dinner
guides making camp amazing views

The walking is relatively gentle and you will experience this amazing part of Kenya at a leisurely pace, but you do need a basic level of fitness.

No day is ever the same, but a day typically begins with a full African breakfast in camp before setting out on the trail, and you will have lunch en route at a beautiful viewpoint. You generally reach camp in the mid- to late-afternoon, in time to enjoy afternoon tea of fruit juices, home baking and tea or coffee as the donkeys unload. An advance party of Samburu warriors will have pitched your and a fire will be blazing for you to enjoy sitting by with your tea or coffee.

You will go on a relaxed game walk in the late afternoon/early evening as Rosalie and her team are preparing a delicious three-course dinner, served on a dining table by the camp fire. Local produce is used wherever possible including fresh fruit and vegetables, game meat and African herbs and spices. A selection of alcoholic drinks is available and you will usually sit up for a couple of hours recalling the day’s events round the camp fire.

The campsites are very carefully chosen, and are always in spectacular locations, often at the top of an escarpment overlooking the plains, or by the banks of a river in a beautiful wooded valley. The tents are spacious with comfortable mattresses with sheets and blankets, and each tent has a wash hand basin and a paraffin lamp. For your shower, water from the stream is heated over the fire and poured into the specially constructed bucket shower. The shower enclosure is typically situated on the edge of camp with three walls of natural vegetation and a fourth wall which is open and looks out over an incredible view. There can be nothing better than enjoying a hot shower while watching the African sunset!

The landscape is incredible, the people are superb, the camps are spectacular and the food is wonderful. Wild animals such as elephant and buffalo may cross your path at any time and your guide and the warriors are armed at all times for your protection.

Samburu Trails also offers longer and more challenging treks.

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