Elephant Mango Safari, Zambia

Each year as the wild mango comes into season, Mfuwe Lodge, in Zambia’s South Luangwa, has some very special guests. Wonky Tusk, as she has become affectionately known, and her family have been regular guests at the lodge for a number of years, coming in October and November to feast on the fallen fruits from the large wild mango tree in the lodge grounds, and regularly sauntering through reception to get to it.

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elephant family
elephants in the lodge
picking mango

Most days elephants walk literally up the steps of the lodge and through the reception area to feed on the fallen fruits. Witness this unique event as part of a wider safari to Zambia. There are experts on hand to discuss elephant behaviour and you'll be able to take unbeatable close up photographs of these intriguing creatures.

Wonky Tusk's family’s annual feasting has been the focus of many a photograph, video, newsworthy article, and even a children’s book. In October 2009 a new arrival to the herd, Lord Wellington, was born on the lodge grounds and at two-days old he was introduced to the reception and the steps, and he is now an expert at clambering up and through reception area! Witness this unique event, take unbeatable close up photographs of these intriguing creatures and learn about elephant behaviour from the on-hand experts. A stay at Mfuwe Lodge, enjoying these elephant encounters between game drives, dips in the pool and watching wildlife from the open deck, combines well with a walking safari with the Bushcamp Company.

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