Morocco : Climate information

The climate in Morocco varies from area to area.

The coast has a warm, Mediterranean climate tempered on the eastern coast by southwest trade winds. Inland areas have a hotter, drier, continental climate. In the south of the country, the weather is very hot and dry throughout most of the year, with the nights coolest in the months of December and January. Rain falls from November to March in coastal areas but are mostly dry with high temperatures in summer.

Marrakech and Agadir enjoy an average temperature of 21°C (70ºF) in the winter. July and August are very hot months in the cities but an excellent time to go walking in the Atlas Mountains or by the coast. There is skiing in the Atlas Mountains and in winter the temperature/weather is similar to the Alps.

These weather charts are to be used as a guide only. Weather patterns around the world have become unpredictable in the past few years so we cannot guarantee the weather following its usual seasonal patterns.

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