Mozambique : Manda Wilderness

Manda Wilderness is a beautiful wildlife reserve on the Mozambican shores of Lake Malawi with swamps, rivers, mountains, savannah and forest as well as kilometres of beaches with crystal clear waters. Due to transport logistics, it is actually much easier to reach from Malawi than from Mozambique. There is plenty of birdlife and smaller game, and wild dog have occasionally been sighted, but it is really somewhere to come and totally relax and enjoy activities on the water.

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Cobue Cathedral

Nkwichi Lodge

Nkwichi Lodge is a stunning and very special eco-lodge on the Mozambique shoreline of Lake Malawi. Set on a perfect white sandy beach, in a forgotten corner of the remotest and most unspoiled part of Mozambique, it is also a wilderness project supporting and promoting the local community in a very positive and admirable way. When you arrive by boat you would never know there is a lodge here, as it has been so well secreted amidst the natural environment. The design incorporates permanent rocks and local materials into the accommodation and main areas. There are just six chalets with imaginative natural al fresco bathrooms using natural stone and tree branches, and two private houses 10 minutes away from the lodge for families or couples travelling together. As well as relaxing, there are a wide range of activities include canoeing on the lake or local rivers, guided bush walks, bird-watching, snorkelling, surfing, dhow trips and visits to see the local community projects.

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lunch on the beach
camping honeymoon bath restaurant

Run in conjunction with the lodge is the Manda Wilderness Development Project where proceeds from the lodge as well as funds from international donors are channeled into community development projects which include the building of schools, wells and a maize mill and also improvement of local agriculture by teaching diversification and new techniques. A unique community owned game reserve of 100,000 hectares has also been established. A visit from you to the reserve will help fund the conservation of the area and the wildlife within it. Proceeds thereafter go directly to the communities.

A visit to Nkwichi is an excellent extension to a traditional safari in Zambia or Malawi. It's a great place to relax and swim and snorkel in the crystal clear waters of the Lake and explore inland or along the lake shores and you know your visit will contribute directly to the local communities.

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building project
local children

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