Oman : Batinah Coast

North-west along the coast from Muscat lies the Batinah coast. If you only have a short time to spend in Muscat a day trip to this region definitely worth while as it has a little of everything that Oman is famous for. The area has numerous picturesque forts, sand dunes, mountain caves and it is also famous for its healing, warm springs.

The Batinah coast is also known for the Omani Bullfighting. This isn’t the same as the Spanish variety, each week the local farmers bring their prize bulls to an open arena where they are pitted against each other to see which one can shove its opponent to the ground. Not a drop of blood is spilled and they only thing hurt is the losing bull's pride!

The Batinah coast and in particular the Sawadi region is home to some beautiful long, white beaches and off this peninsula are the Daymaniyat Islands, one of Oman's first National Nature Reserves, with marine life to rival the Red Sea and host to many migratory birds and breeding turtles.

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leopard shark

Al Sawadi

Al Sawadi beach resort is located east along the coast from Muscat on the Batinah Coast. This is very much a watersport oriented 3* resort catering for families mainly on a package holiday from Europe. The resort is located on a stretch of private beach overlooking the string of Sawadi Isles. The accommodation comprises 100 chalet-style guest rooms (some interconnecting), all of which are equipped with modern amenities and private patio. The chalets are spaced throughout the resorts lush gardens.

There is a wide range of both land and water sports for you to choose from; mini-quad biking (for the kids), volley ball, tennis, squash or even go horse riding along the shore. Watersports offered are water skiing, jet skiing, kayaking, boat excursions, sailing as well as a fully equipped dive centre offering PADI dive courses. The hotel is in close proximity to Fahl and the Daymanyat Islands which is Oman's answer to the Red Sea with an amazing diversity of marine life. If you are self driving the resort is also in a prime location for exploring the Batinah coast side of the Hajar Mountain where there are forts, wadis and sand dunes.

The resort offers a range of local and international dishes in a casual and informal setting at one of its 7 bars or restaurants. Alternatively you can opt to cook your own food on a full prepared barbeque in the privacy of your own patio, the hotel provides all the equipment and prepares all the food in advance all you have to do is BBQ the meat and seafood!

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