Climate information : Tanzania

In Tanzania the climate is tropical and coastal areas are hot and humid. In the northern highlands temperatures can be cold all year due to the high altitude but generally nice sunny for most of the year. The best time for climbing in the highlands and Mt Kilimanjaro is November and December as the rains clear the air and the views are excellent.

As in Kenya its best to avoid the long rains in April and May but it is a good time for migratory birds and flora. The short rains (thundery showers) in November and early December are a good time to visit as prices are low and the parks empty.

The migration is in different areas of the Serengeti from November through to July and the wildebeest drop their calves around February (this is all dependent on the rains). Game viewing is good all year round.

These weather charts are to be used as a guide only. Weather patterns around the world have become unpredictable in the past few years so we cannot guarantee the weather following its usual seasonal patterns.

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