Zambia : Shiwa Ng'andu

Shiwa Ng'andu is the English Mansion House built in remote central Zambia by an eccentric English man and depicted in the book 'The Africa House' by Christina Lamb. Sir Stewart Gore Brown, working for the colonial government in 1914 set out with 30 porters on foot and by canoe to find a place to call home. In the middle of Zambia he came across his ideal spot but it was many years later that he returned to build Shiwa House.

In Colonial times it had been an oasis for travellers on the Great North Road, a place where hospitality was never refused; and this little bit of England in Africa never ceased to impress its visitors. Sir Stewart died on 8 August 1967 and Shiwa fell into disrepair however in November of 1999, Charles Harvey, the eldest grandson of Sir Stewart, and his wife Jo and children Tom and Emma, bought the house and estate from other family members and began the renovation to its former glory.

Shiwa House has finally opened for house guests and day visitors, at present the house can accommodate 4-5 couples with en-suite bathrooms. All rooms are simple with original hardwood furnishings and paintings. Fireplaces are lit every night and the atmosphere at Shiwa is unique. The food is good simple and wholesome, fresh bread is made daily and the stunning gardens are kept in their former glory. Guests have a complete run of the house and many spend time enjoying the library among Sir Stewarts book and record collections and in the archives.

There are many exciting activities to choose from with game viewing, boating on the lake, fishing, superb bird watching, horse riding for the experienced, river walks, historical drives, traditional dugout trips across the lake, walking, trips to Kapishya Hot Springs, meeting the people on the estate, visiting the schools and hospital and on going projects.

Shiwa is an extraordinary piece of Zambian history, a beautiful area and a must for anyone who has read 'The Africa House'.

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the house then
the house now
dining room
the grounds hot springs riding

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