Farside Africa supports a number of community projects and animal conservation charities both in Africa and in the UK on behalf of African causes. Below is a list of the main charities we support. If you would like further information on any of these, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


British TV actor Nick Reding was so inspired by his time with a paediatric HIV and AIDS clinic in Mombasa that he decided to do his own bit for the cause in a totally unique way. Through his charity S.A.F.E (Sponsored Art for Education), he brings the messages of AIDS to the most unreachable communities, including slums and island communities, through theatre. He stages funny, heart-warming plays (with actors found X-Factor-style from the local communities) to audiences who laugh and cry with equal measure. Africans love a good story, but between the lines are important facts about HIV and AIDS which break the taboo and help increase understanding. Their work is making impressive inroads. See more at www.sponsoredarts.org.

Stuff Your Rucksack

Stuff Your Rucksack is a clever charitable concept launched by Springwatch presenter Kate Humble in May 2010. The idea is that you find some room in your suitcase to squeeze in a few essential items for a local charity at your destination. The website lists over 100 specific projects and tells you exactly what is best taken to particular countries and organisations. Farside Africa encourages taking out gifts to orphanages and schools, rather than giving sweets and pens to children on the streets which encourages begging. We can suggest charities at your destination or you can support one on www.stuffyourrucksack.com.

Save the Rhino

Reg Charity No: 1035072

Save the Rhino International works to conserve genetically viable populations of critically endangered rhinoceros species in the wild. They do this by fundraising for and making grants to rhino- and community-based conservation projects in Africa and Asia.

Visit Save the Rhino's website - www.savetherhino.org

Zimbabwe Rhino Crisis

Save the Rhino is making a final appeal from Save The Rhino International for funds to help conserve Zimbabwe’s rapidly diminishing rhino population, the victims of major commercial poaching in the wake of the current crisis. One of the many side-effects is the rise in the number of orphaned, and sometimes injured, rhino calves that must be treated and re-habilitated. Funding so far has helped the programme translocate 50-60 rhinos to the safer terrain of the Lowveld in May 2009, and to create a strong, reliable team of rhino rangers to carry out a severe anti-poaching campaign. For more details see the www.savetherhino.org or for details on how to donate see www.justgiving.com/crisiszimbabwe.

Saidia Gilgil - Mji wa Neema Ophanages

Mji wa Neema is Swahili for 'house of hope'. This is a small UK based charity raising funds to support orphaned children in and around Naivasha and Gilgil in Kenya, and specifically to help fund projects run by Jill Simpson MBE and Teresa Wahito, two women who work tirelessly on behalf of AIDS orphans and other deprived children in the area.

The first 'House of Hope' was established in Naivasha, about fifty miles North of Nairobi, Kenya and is home to two babies and a group of 26 small children, who would otherwise have to fend for themselves on the street.

Visit the website - www.saidia-gilgil.org.uk


Nyumbani provides an orphanage, hospice service and community care for HIV+ infants and children in Africa. Based in Nairobi, Kenya, the orphanage was inspired by the rising number of HIV-infected children born and too often abandoned in Africa.

Because infants younger than a year old carry many of their mothers' antibodies, many newborns with HIV-infected mothers give a 'false positive' and never actually develop the virus themselves. In fact, a full 75% of babies who test positive at birth will eventually be found not to carry the virus. Tragically, these children are often abandoned at birth or shortly thereafter, and ostracized from traditional orphanages. In the public hospitals there are not enough resources to care for these babies, and most die from neglect within a few months.

Nyumbani-- "home" in Swahili--provides a true home to these abandoned children until a correct determination of their HIV status can be made. Children who are eventually found not to be infected with HIV are then placed in appropriate settings to be adopted or cared for by traditional social services agencies. The children found to be truly HIV+ are given the best nutritional, medical, psychosocial, and spiritual care available and live the rest of their days at Nyumbani.

Visit Nyumbani's website - www.nyumbani.org

Guludo Lodge

Guludo Lodge in northern Mozambique has set up an educational project to help reduce the risk of malaria in the region. For each person who visits the lodge, Farside Africa will donate US$6 per person per night which will buy one mosquito net and provide malaria training for women in the area around Guludo. We feel this is a really worthwhile project which will hopefully encourage the community to sleep under them rather than use them as fishing nets or as wedding veils as has been known!

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