Frequently Asked Questions

Our factfile for each country will probably answer most of your questions, but here are a few more questions we are often asked:

Is my money protected when I go on holiday with Farside Africa?

Farside Africa is ATOL and TTA bonded, so your money is 100% protected when you book a holiday with us. For further information on how you are protected see the ATOL website (our membership number is: T7123) and the TTA website (our membership number is: U1405).

Do you offer travel insurance?

Due to new regulations we cannot directly sell travel insurance but you can look at the insurance offered on the Travel Trust Association website.

Can I book my own flights?

We are very happy for you to book your own flights. We just ask that you check with us before making the final booking to ensure they connect with any internal travel we are organising for you.

Can I use credit cards at the lodges?

At most of hotels and major lodges you can use credit cards, but there will usually be surcharges. We recommend carrying a reasonable amount of dollars to cover tips and extras such as drinks.

Can I use/cash travellers' cheques?

Not all lodges take traveller's cheques and when they do, they often charge substantial commission, so we recommend you take a combination of a credit card and cash.

What should I tip?

Tipping is totally at your discretion but we usually recommend around $5-10 per person per day in the lodges, which you place in the tip box or give to the manager at the end of your stay. It is important to tip centrally like this as your tip is then shared out fairly among all the staff. We recommend tipping your guide approximately US$5-10 per couple per day and this can be given directly to your guide. You should always tip in cash, so make sure you carry enough small denomination US$. You may have to order small denominations in advance from your bank or exchange bureau.

Am I putting myself in danger by going on safari?

Many of the animals and reptiles you will see are potentially dangerous. However, attacks by wild animals are extremely rare, and are usually only initiated if the animal feels threatened, or to protect their young. You will be with experienced guides at all times when on safari, and if you respect and adhere by their precautions and take their lead, you should not be in any unreasonable danger. No safari in Africa can guarantee 100% safety, but to date we have an unblemished record. We cannot, however, be held liable for any injuries caused by the behaviour of a wild animal.

What should I pack for safari?

You will only require a small amount of luggage on any safari in Africa as your laundry can be washed in most of the camps and lodges. If you are flying on light aircraft, you will need to pack your luggage into a soft bag, so it can fit on the plane. See our recommended packing list for further details.

Do you cater for disabled travellers?

Yes. We can organise private tours for groups (minimum 2 people), or there are set departure tours in some countries, if you would like to join other people. If you are travelling with an able-bodied person, we can also arrange a personalised itinerary featuring places that offer easy access and facilities, and are wheelchair-friendly.

Is Africa suitable for a family holiday?

A safari or holiday in Africa is a great fun, educational and exciting family holiday which will leave a lasting impression on your children. Most lodges accept children over 8 years old, though there are some restrictions on game activities for children under 12 or 16 (depending on the lodge). We can also recommend lodges which offer excellent specialised children's programmes for children up to 12 years old.

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